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When You Need Buy-In or Support


  • What, Who, Why.
    • For what are you looking for support?
    • Who does it affect?
    • Why would they support it (benefits, risks)?
  • Preparation.
    • Cost – Schedule – Requirements – Risk – Logistics – Any question that may be asked.
  • Timing.
  • What environmental factors affect decision making?
  • Plan the meeting accordingly.


  • Choose meeting time and location (when will it least impact productivity)?
    • Send meeting notification, include agenda.
    • Required attendees.
      • Decision maker.
      • People with information necessary for the decision.
      • Supporters.
  • Presentation.
    • Interactive or broadcast style.
    • Explain how proposal affects attendees; get involvement and discussion.
    • Impact to organization.
  • Benefits to team(s) or individuals(s).
  • Ask clarifying questions.
  • Address risk; what support is needed (specific, written, can it be done there?)
  • Close.
  • Communication protocol.
  • Specific actions.

Express gratitude and enthusiasm.

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