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Team Conflict Resolution


  • Are you sure it needs to be addressed?
  • What will happen if this is not addressed?
  • How can you turn this into a positive?
  • Is this urgent?
  • Plan meeting time and location.
  • Develop an agenda.
  • Think about amount of notice to send.


  • Choose meeting time and location (when will it least impact productivity)?
    • Send meeting notification, include agenda.
  • Have each team member describe the situation from their perspective.
  • Collaborate to achieve consensus.
  • Brainstorm for solutions.
    • Out of the box.
    • Quantity not quality.
  • Resolve action items.
  • Close.
    • Review actions (due date, responsibility, communication protocol).
    • Be positive.
    • Set metrics.
    • Set follow-up meeting (have suggested dates ahead of time, even as part of agenda).

The longer you wait the worse it will get.

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