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Drawing Out Ideas


  • What is the objective?
  • Why do you need new ideas?
  • What is stopping the flow of ideas?
  • Think about whether or not to try to get ideas in a group format.
    • List pros and cons of group setting.
    • Exchange of ideas vs. individuals trying to win support for their ideas.


  • Choose meeting time and location (when will it least impact productivity)?
    • Send meeting notification, include agenda.
  • Conduct a Brainstorming meeting.
    • Quantity vs. Quality.
    • Build off others ideas.
    • No negatives, no positives.
    • Use sticky pads and markers.
    • List 4 or 5 very specific work areas.
    • Generate ideas on each one.
    • Sort and group them (organize).
    • Prioritize.
    • Determine specific actions (actualize).
      • Who, what, when.
  • Follow-up.

Encourage participation!

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