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Clarifying Team Roles and Responsibilities


  • Is this a new or existing team?
  • Is this a temporary or permanent team? (Project vs. Functional)
  • Who is the sponsor of the team?
  • Describe the team objective and the metrics that will be used (e.g. timeframe, budget, specifications).
  • How does this team fit within the organization?
  • Logistics.
    • How will the team communicate? (set up meetings if necessary?)
    • What resources are needed? (are they available? who will get them?)
  • Team members (full time/part time).
  • Role/Skills/Development Path/Motivated by.


  • Choose meeting time and location (when will it least impact productivity)?
    • Send meeting notification, include agenda.
  • Ask each team member to describe their role.
    • Why is this role important to the project?
    • What is the measure of success?
  • Ensure that everyone agrees on their own and the role of other team members.
    • Write roles and responsibilities on board.
  • Close.
    • Review communication protocol.
    • Review actions (deadlines and commitments).
  • Encourage camaraderie/collaboration.

Be available for support!

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