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Other Individual Issues


  • What is the issue?
  • What are the consequences if it is not resolved?
  • Is there a training issue?
  • Surround with good.
  • Focus on the situation.
    • It’s not about who, it’s about what and why.
    • What needs to be changed? (e.g. behavior, process)


  • Choose best time.
  • Describe situation from your perspective and review expectation vs. performance.
  • Ask the individual to describe their perspective.
  • You need to have agreement regarding solutions.
    • Buy-in is good but depending on situation you may have to use authority.
  • Review actions (deadlines and commitments).
  • Encourage camaraderie/collaboration.
  • Explain performance or behavioral expectation.
    • Describe difference between actual and expectation.
    • Explain how this affects performance.
  • Never take anything you cannot replace!
    • Maintain self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Set follow-up actions.

Encourage and support!

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