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Corrective Action


  • How is this performance affecting the team?
  • How is this performance affecting the individual?
    • Is change possible and within their control?
  • Does this behavior warrant corrective action?
    • What is the company policy?
    • What will happen if corrective action is not taken?
  • Is there a performance issue, what is the cause?
    • Is the cause related to the work environment?
      • Is it a training issue?
      • Is the expectation within the employee’s capabilities?
      • Is there a process involved?
        • Is it being followed?
        • Does the process work?
  • Are there legal issues?
  • Do you need HR advice or input?


  • Performance problems must be addressed promptly.
  • Communicate the meeting time.
    • Plan the best time and place in accordance with their schedule.
  • Explain the courses of action that are available.
  • Get input and suggestions from the individual.
  • Discuss next steps.
  • Have person sign anything necessary.
  • Is HR involved?

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