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  • Why do you want to coach? (optimize performance, change behavior, etc.)
  • Are you sure it needs to be addressed?
  • What is the urgency?
  • What will happen if this is not addressed?
  • How can you turn this into a positive?
  • Coaching should result in the employee recognizing how this change will impact them positively.


  • Discuss the situation from your perspective, and what you see positive.
  • Ask the employee for their perspective.
    • Can they identify areas that should be improved?
    • Can they suggest improvement action?
      • Process does not exist.
      • Process broken.
      • Process not followed.
  • Describe the difference between performance expectation and results.
    • Use specific examples.
    • How does this fit into the objectives of the team?
    • How does it support the goals of the individual?
  • Agree to an action plan.
  • Use SMART goals.
  • Set follow-up meeting.
  • Be available for support.

Express confidence and trust.

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