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Chamber Series

Custom Training Sessions in Partnership with the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Techniques, LLC is proud to announce a partnership with the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to present our workshops to the business community FREE through this collaborative partnership with the Chamber. We will be covering topics that are relevant to the workplace!

Have a suggestion for future topics? We want to hear from you about topics of interest to you. Email me at

Upcoming Sessions:

  • 3/6/19: Collaborative Communications Strategies – FREE!!! Register now!
  • 5/22/19: Building and Maintaining a High-Performance Team – FREE!!! Register now!
  • 7/23/19: Balancing Priorities: Effective Time Management – FREE!!! Register now!
  • 9/25/19: Difficult Conversations at Work – FREE!!! Register now!
  • 11/6/19: The Engagement Matrix: An Informal Performance Management Tool – FREE!!! Register now!

You must register to attend any of the courses.

Please visit our Courses Page to read more about these courses.

Prior Sessions:

  • 4/27/16: Effectively Leading Problem Solving Sessions - (Closed)
  • 5/13/16: Managing Across the Generations – (Closed)
  • 6/7/16: Stop Wasting Time in Meetings! Effective Facilitation Techniques - (Closed)
  • 7/20/16: Mastering Your Presentation Techniques - (Closed)
  • 8/11/16: Office Politics, Relationships, and Interpersonal Communication Skills – (Closed)
  • 9/14/16, 9am-10amLeadership With or Without Authority - (Closed)
  • 10/19/16, 8am-12pm: Negotiation Skills for Supervisors and Team Leaders - (Closed)
  • 11/15/16, 9am-10amDifficult Conversations - FREE!!! – (Closed)
  • 12/7/16, 8am-12pm: Putting Your Emotional Intelligence to Work in the Office and at Home(Closed)
  • 1/11/17, 9am-10am: Mentoring, Delegating and Coaching for Optimal Performance - (Closed)
  • 4/13/17, 9am-10am: Boosting Productivity Through Effective Employee Engagement - (Closed)
  • 7/17/17, 9am-10amManaging Across the Generations - (Closed)
  • 10/12/17, 9am-10am:  Never Just A Volunteer! - (Closed)
  • 2/8/18: Project Management Trends – (Closed)
  • 5/16/18: Accountability: What It Is and How It Works - (Closed)
  • 8/23/18: Effective Time Management - (Closed)
  • 11/13/18: Mastering Your Presentation Skills - (Closed)